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Australian Pioneers: Shocking Tape Loading Stories…

Remember the maddening process of waiting thirty-minutes for a tape to load? Behold the most amazing Australian Pavloada! Not a delicious meringue dessert but a tape fast loader dramatically reducing waiting times for your fave games. The Pavloada was created by for Beam Software by ... Continue Reading »

From Melbourne House to Czechoslovak Clubs

Czechoslovakia of the 1980s was a country behind the so-called Iron Curtain. Its economy was in a dire shape and its citizens were either oppressed or annoyed (or both) by its conservative totalitarian regime. It required considerable personal connections to be able to subscribe to a Western magazine or import ... Continue Reading »

Ruminations On “The Hobbit” Fandom

In the last year of a Bachelor’s degree in Science at Melbourne University in 1981, Phil and I were hired by Fred Milgrom as part-time programmers to write “the best adventure game ever”. Based on the game’s commercial success and feedback from fandom still rolling in ... Continue Reading »

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