Psion Software Ltd

Creating games and other software for the ZX81 and ZX Spectrum, developer Psion Software had an intimate relationship with Sinclair Research.  Founded in 1980, the companies name is an acronym for Potter Scientific Instruments after the company’s founder David Potter. […]  Read More »

Sinclair Research Ltd

With the dream of a computer in every British home, Sir Clive Sinclair’s company created the ZX80 in 1980.  Started in 1961, the electronics research company created the world’s first pocket calculator in 1971. It had a number of names […]  Read More »

Strategic Simulations Inc. (SSI)

Strategic Simulations Inc. (SSI) was founded in 1979 by keen table top war gamer, Joel Billings, to make strategic games for the home computer.  Fresh out of college and bound for MBA studies, he planned to indulge his hobby on his […]  Read More »

Strategic Studies Group Pty Ltd (SSG)

Strategic Studies Group (SSG) was founded in New South Wales in 1982 by wargame specialists Roger Keating and Ian Trout.  Keating had previously published seven computer games with American publisher Strategic Simulations Inc (SSI) before teaming up with Trout, the […]  Read More »


Tandy Corporation’s Radio Shack division was responsible for the development of the TRS-80 (Tandy Radio Shack- 80) home computer. The TRS-80 is remembered fondly as an underpowered but affordable home computer.  Whilst Tandy’s computer may not have been as sophisticated […]  Read More »

Trident Technological Systems

Trident Technological Systems was a New South Wales based company that bought original, saleable programmes from independent programmers, and published them in Australia.  They are known to have published several titles for the Sega SC-3000.  Read More »

U.S. Gold Ltd

U.S Gold was a United Kingdom-based software company which published American games in the United Kingdom, often converting them to platforms that were popular in that country.  Founded in 1984 by Geoff and Anne Brown, U.S. Gold acquired popular American […]  Read More »

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