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Sirius 7 (Publisher), Sorceror’s Apprentice (Publisher)

CRL Group plc is a defunct British video game development and publishing company. Originally CRL stood for “Computer Rentals Ltd.” – their full title reflects the fact that they started out renting computer equipment out. CRL was based in King’s Yard, London and run by Clem Chambers. They released a number of notable adventure games based on horror stories, such as Sirius 7, Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Dracula, Jack the Ripper and Frankenstein. Dracula and Frankenstein were awarded “15” certificates by the British Board of Film Censors for their graphics depicting bloody scenes, while Jack the Ripper and Wolfman gained “18” certificates. CRL-published games that achieved critical success include Tau Ceti and Academy. The 1984 game of the series Terrahawks was one of the first video games based on a TV show.

CRL was one of the few companies producing games as early as 1982 that continued into the 90s. Many of their games were rather cerebral, with many simulation, strategy and management games in their range. They released around 90 Spectrum games and dozens for the C64, although only briefly supported the Amiga and ST. (From:

A list of games produced by CRL is available at:^CRL+Group+PLC$&loadpics=on

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