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Armchair Entertainment were a group of Australian entrepreneurs who published sports simulation games in the 1980s.  Micro Forte’s “Arnie’s America Cups Challenge” (1986) and “Arnie’s Armchair Howzat! Cricket  Game”(1884)  that was later republished in the UK by Tynesoft as “Ian Botham’s Test Match” (1985)


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  1. I clearly recall the day when I received my Commodore 64 America’s Cup Family Pack. I came home from school (I was in year 7 at the time) and there it was, placed on my bed like some sort of holy grail. My love of gaming was cemented that day. The two Arnie Armchair games (Cricket and America’s Cup) got a lot of game time (I won’t mention the excruciating load times!). I broke many a joystick raising and lowering the spinnaker on my yacht, but was it worth it, yes sir!

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