Games suitable for: 1985


“Astro” is a quality arcade game that faithfully reproduces the (then) popular arcade game “Asteroids”. You have to avoid the asteroids & many other objects that are flying at you from all directions. The instructions are in the game, which […]  Read More »

Burglar Bill

“Burglar Bill” is a level-based “Jet Set Willy” style game,based on “Manic Miner”, for the Spectrum. Burglar Bill breaks into a haunted mansion that is filled with monsters and traps. You have to guide Burglar Bill through the mansion’s many […]  Read More »

Halloween Harry

“Halloween Harry”, according to creator John Passfield’s blog, was ‘inspired by “Ghostbusters”‘. The game is set in the 21st century, and features Harry, a ghost hunter, facing off against all sorts of evil across 13 levels. Essentially, it is a […]  Read More »

Hoards of the Deep Realm

In “Hoards of the Deep Realm”, you are the hero who must retrieve stolen treasures hoarded in the underground caverns of the Deep Realm. During play, you must dodge and out-manoeuvre the fiery wraiths that guard these treasures. At the […]  Read More »

Necromancer 2

“Necromancer 2” is an isometric arcade adventure. It is a clone of Ultimate’s classic 3D games, such as “Knightlore”. The game runs on C64 and also runs on a Vic 20. It was, during its day, an advanced amateur game, […]  Read More »

One Day Cricket

“One Day Cricket” is a game for 2 to 22 players It is a sports simulation game, with New Zealand versing Australia in One Day International Cricket. The game has the Australian and New Zealand teams built in, or if […]  Read More »

Rock’n Wrestle

“Rock’n Wrestle” (known as “Bop’n Wrestle” in the US) was one of the first games to have 3D movement  through space. The game allowed for single or dual player modes, using the joystick or the keyboard supporting twenty-four wrestling manoeuvres. […]  Read More »

Sail the Endeavour

“Sail the Endeavour” is an educational maths game that mixes in some geography as well, as you sail the “Endeavour” using angles, map scales, etc. This has a fair bit of high resolution graphics and even some crude digitised speech […]  Read More »


“ShootOut” is an arcade-style, shoot’em up game. You have to shoot the baddies as they appear from the buildings of the western town. Be careful not to miss, as you will shoot up the town.  Read More »


“Smurfs” is a platform game in which you use the joystick in Port 2, with fire to jump over prickles, avoid eggs, and to reach Smurfette at the end level. There are three stages – horizontally scrolling, vertically scrolling, and […]  Read More »

The Way of the Exploding Fist

“The Way of the Exploding Fist” was one of Beam Software’s best-selling games, and reached number one in Europe. It was one of the first ‘beat-‘em-up’ games for the home computer and the first multi-move beat em up. Jordan Mechner’s […]  Read More »

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