Sherlock“Sherlock” is a 1984 text adventure developed by Philip Mitchell and Beam Software. It was published by Melbourne House. The game is based on the famous Sir Arthur Conan Doyle books featuring the super sleuth Sherlock Holmes, fiction’s most famous […]  Read More »


“ShootOut” is an arcade-style, shoot’em up game. You have to shoot the baddies as they appear from the buildings of the western town. Be careful not to miss, as you will shoot up the town.  Read More »

Sir Roderick’s Quest

“Sir Roderick’s Quest” is a graphic adventure. It has been compared to similar games such as “Sceptre of Baghdad”, “Spellbound” and “Stormbringer”. Boyd explains that the game was partly inspired by “Tir Na Nog”. You have to guide Sir Roderick […]  Read More »


“Smurfs” is a platform game in which you use the joystick in Port 2, with fire to jump over prickles, avoid eggs, and to reach Smurfette at the end level. There are three stages – horizontally scrolling, vertically scrolling, and […]  Read More »

Sorceror’s Apprentice

In “Sorcerer’s Apprentice”, you play the part of an old man who is blessed with the King’s magic powers. The reason for this is that the King wants you to free the land from the forces of darkness. You enter […]  Read More »

The Dark Heart Of Uukrul

“The Dark Heart of Uukrul” was created by Ian Boswell and Martin Buis. Four adventurers are sent by the Western Council to defeat Uukrul, a great evil that once defeated the Ancients. Once thought to have been destroyed itself, this […]  Read More »

The Hobbit

“The Hobbit” was one of the first major games produced in Australia, and is considered a classic text adventure. In 1985, it was voted number 1 in Sinclair User’s ‘Top 50 Spectrum Software Classics’. To create the game Beam’s director […]  Read More »

The Way of the Exploding Fist

“The Way of the Exploding Fist” was one of Beam Software’s best-selling games, and reached number one in Europe. It was one of the first ‘beat-‘em-up’ games for the home computer and the first multi-move beat em up. Jordan Mechner’s […]  Read More »


“Trojans” is an arcade-style game, loosely descended from “Pac- Man”. You have to shoot the ice cubes at the ghosts, as you negotiate the maze in this game.  Read More »

Vortex Blaster

“Vortex Blaster” is a shoot ’em up game with speech. It is one of only two Sega SC-3000 games to feature digitised speech. The object of the game is to penetrate as far into the vortex field as you can. […]  Read More »


The first “Warlords” was created in 1989 by Steven Fawkner, and published by Strategic Studies Group (SSG). “Warlords” is a fantasy based war-game written by Steve Fawkner. It was the first game he published commercially. The game featured eight different clans […]  Read More »

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