Necromancer 2

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Carl Muller (Concept, Graphics, Music, Programming)

“Necromancer 2” is an isometric arcade adventure. It is a clone of Ultimate’s classic 3D games, such as “Knightlore”. The game runs on C64 and also runs on a Vic 20. It was, during its day, an advanced amateur game, being an isometric 3D game.

The game’s controls can be changed, but it is easiest to just press the down cursor to accept them as they are.

The object of the game is to collect all three objects (one at a time) and take them to the treasure room (which is in the second from top room). A surprise follows!

The rooms in the game are rather small in size, compared to other isometric 3D games, which may be because the game is for Vic 20, as well, (though Carl Muller has stated that the game may need to be decompacted first to play properly).

“Necromancer 2” is the sequel to “The Necromancer’s Realm”, which was published in “Computers &Video Games” magazine in December 1985 and was also an isometric game inspired by screen-shots of Knight Lore from ACG (Rare). It had some BASIC code in it, whereas the sequel was 100% machine code. In an interview, Muller stated the following: “In those days computer magazines were full of type-in listings of games. After I typed in one such program on a VIC-20, the shopkeeper sold it to a customer! I led a sheltered life at home in New Zealand, writing games for my computers in BASIC and 6502 machine code (first on a VIC-20 then a C64). The machines yielded many interesting technical secrets (such as how to put sprites in the border)but my lack of artistic ability left the games looking rather worse than they played. Writing them without the aid of an assembler, graphics program or a disk-drive also made them slightly harder to develop. This led me to collect several rejections letters from publishers, including some people I later worked with.” (

A playable version of “Necromancer 2” is available on Carl Muller’s website:

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“Necromancer 2” was created to also run on the 16K Vic-20.





Screenshot - The Necromancer's Realm


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