Melbourne Draw

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Philip Mitchell (Design, Programming)
Beam Software (Developer), Melbourne House (Publisher)

“Melbourne Draw” is one of a couple graphics toolkits that were created for the ZX Spectrum in the early 1980s. It was launched to widespread publicity, with “Crash” magazine saying that ‘”Melbourne Draw” stands out clearly as a professional tool …’. What made “Melbourne Draw” popular was its user-friendliness and its fast screen handling. With this programme, you could create pictures on screen with a cursor, as well as type in x and y coordinates in the information window at the bottom of the screen.

The other main difference between “Melbourne Draw” and other drawing toolkits was its screen magnification ability. With this, you could enlarge parts of your drawing four times or sixteen times. This feature made it a programme that was considered useful for professional software developers and graphic artists.


See example of Drawing by Kevin Phillips in Comments.

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“Melbourne Draw” was published in Spain by Investronica S.A as  “Supergraficos”.



Screenshot, ZX Spectrum

Sulu-etc by Kevin Phillips

Star-Trek by Kevin Phillips

Box Art:

Box, Front, ZX Spectrum

Media Coverage:

Sinclair User, November, 1983

Sinclair User, December, 1983

Your Spectrum, August,1983

Your Spectrum, August, 1983

ZX Computing Monthly, February ,1987

ZX Computing Monthly, February, 1987

ZX Computing Monthly, October, 1983

ZX Computing Monthly, October, 1983

Media Coverage (PDF):


Manuals and Walkthroughs (PDF):

Melbourne Draw Instructions.

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  1. I had this program and shortly after getting interface one and microdrive for my Spectrum, I re-wrote the basic part of the program to utilise the microdrive which totally transformed the usability of the program as you can imagine, saving and loading images took mere seconds 🙂

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