Laser Hawk

Game Meta:
Other Names:
Hot Copter
Release Year:
Andrew Bradfield (Programming), Harvey Kong Tin (Graphics)
Red Rat Software (Publisher)

“Laser Hawk” is a “Scramble” clone. It was inspired by “Tail of Beta Lyrae”.

As the player, you pilot a helicopter.

The game has 5 stages, and at the end of each stage a command center must be destroyed (earning an extra helicopter). These are the headquarters of rival computer companies of the time, namely Apple, Amstrad, BBC, Commodore and Spectrum. The game features end of level and end of game animations.

The game’s graphics are by Harvey Kong Tin, and the game was developed in Dunedin. The helicopter is said to be inspired by “Choplifter”.


Title screen.

Laser Hawk exhibition.

Screenshot, Atari

Screenshot, Atari

Screenshot, Atari

Screenshot, Atari

Screenshot, Atari

Box Art:

Image of original disc

Box art

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Box inlay

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