Horace Goes Skiing

Game Meta:
Other Names:
"Horacio Esquiador" -- Spanish title
Release Year:
William Tang (Design, Programming, Sound Effects)
Beam Software (Developer), Psion Software Ltd (Developer), Melbourne House (Publisher), Sinclair Research Ltd (Publisher)

“Horace Goes Skiing”, released in 1982, was a spin-off from the successful “Hungry Horace”. “Horace Goes Skiing” is initially similar to the arcade game “Frogger”. In this instance, Horace has to negotiate a busy and dangerous road, in order to get to the ski shop, to rent a pair of skis. Horace has a starting purse of $40, from which every ambulance fee (when you get hit on the road) costs $10, and the skis themselves will set Horace back $10.

Once Horace manages to rent the skis, he has to make his way down the slope, negotiating the flags and not hitting any trees. Once you complete each course, or if you hit a tree, you are sent back to the beginning.

Play Horace goes Skiing at the Internet Archive

Controls: left “1”, right”2″, up”3″, down “4”


Version information:

William Tang designed and wrote the game for the ZX Spectrum that it was famously packaged with the hardware at point of sale. At Beam Software the  Commodore 64 version of “Horace Goes Skiing” was not a straightforward  conversion but was  programmed from scratch by Gregg Barnett.

Alfred Milgrom contributed to Horace’s character design.



Loading Screen

Title Page

Screenshot, ZX Spectrum

Title Screen, ZX Spectrum

Screenshot, Colour cycling, ZX Spectrum

Ready to cross the road, ZX Spectrum

Crossing the Road, ZX Spectrum

Did not make it, ZX Spectrum

Starting to Ski, ZX Spectrum

Screenshot, Skiing, ZX Spectrum

Screenshot, Skiing, ZX Spectrum

Screenshot, Skiing, ZX Spectrum

Start Skiing Again, ZX Spectrum

Title Screen, C64

Screenshot, C64

Screenshot, C64

Box Art:

Cassette Sleeve, ZX Spectrum

Tape Inlay, ZX Spectrum

Box and Inlay, C64

Commodore 64 Box Art with Pavloada. Courtesy of Gamebase64

Box Art Dragon 32 Horace Goes Skiing, Courtesy of The World of Dragon

Media Coverage:

Computer and Videogames, 1983

Home Computing Weekly, April, 1983

Popular Computing Weekly, October, 1983

Gameplay videos:

Additional Game Releases

Horace Goes Skiing

Gregg Barnett created versions of William Tang's three popular Horace games. He re-wrote the games so they worked fluidly with the very differing requirements of the Commodore 64's graphic and processing.
Horace goes Skiing on the Commodore 64 featured the Pavloada created by Andrew Pavlumanolakos. http://www.ourdigitalheritage.org/archive/playitagain/creators/andrew-pavlumanolakos-2/
Platform/s: Commodore 64
Developer: Gregg Barnett - Programming
Company: Beam Software - Developer
Company: Melbourne House - Publisher

Horace Goes Skiing

Platform/s: Timex
Company: Psion Software Ltd - Developer
Company: Sinclair Research Ltd - Unknown

Horace Goes Sking

1984 Dragon 32 conversion credited to Denver Jeans
Platform/s: Dragon 32
Developer: Russel Comte - Graphics
Developer: Greg Holland - Graphics
Company: Melbourne House - Unknown, Publisher

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3 thoughts on “Horace Goes Skiing

  1. Zeudaz comments that accompany the youtube clip of Horace goes Skiing (ZX Spectrum) featured here.
    Uploaded on Dec 17, 2011
    Zeus presents Horace Goes Skiing (un-emulated) for the zx spectrum. A true classic from the golden era of spectrum gaming which must not be forgotten alongside the software house and all programmers that were involved in making this game.

    Year of release: 1982

    Ahhh… The very first home computer game i ever saw round a mates after school, my holy grail so2spk, telling my dad how stunning it was (oh how embarrassed am i now) which resulted me getting my first speccy which started off my entire gaming addiction.
    The second game in the Horace series and the most famous, still great fun to play especially the road crossing stage (Frogger on speed!)

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