Hoards of the Deep Realm

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Vaughan Clarkson (Programming), Ron Harris (Unknown), Chris Clarkson (Unknown), Colin May (Unknown), Robert Price (Unknown), Paul Mattiussi (Unknown), Jason May (Unknown), Geoff Crick (Unknown)
HoneySoft (Publisher)

In “Hoards of the Deep Realm”, you are the hero who must retrieve stolen treasures hoarded in the underground caverns of the Deep Realm. During play, you must dodge and out-manoeuvre the fiery wraiths that guard these treasures. At the start, you are at the lowest level of the Deep Realm and must work your way up through as many levels as you can.

The game has 50 levels and includes a command mode from which players can design their own levels. The game was fully compatible with colour and monochrome models of the Microbee. (See manual)

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The game is part of both the Microbee Software Preservation Project (MSPP) collection and the Microbee Beeboard.

Vaughan Clarkson has pages from the game’s manual on his website.

The Microbee game was later developed for the Palm Pilot by Aaron Ardiri.



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Manual pages

Manuals and Walkthroughs (PDF):

Hoards of the Realm of the Deep - the manual.

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Hoards of the Deep Realm

Title ported to Palm Pilot.
Platform/s: Palm Pilot
Developer: Aaron Ardiri - Programming

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One thought on “Hoards of the Deep Realm

  1. Hoards of the Deep Realm was simply one of the best Microbee games ever, in my opinion. One of the best things with this game was that you could design your own level(s) to make your own version of the game.

    There were 3 versions of this game. The original ver 1.0 as above. Then came ver 1.1 and ver 1.1t in 1987. The later was specific for the Microbee 256TC model as it had a different keyboard setup compared to previous Microbees. These last 2 versions also had a different intro screen, otherwise the games were the same.


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