Halloween Harry

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John Passfield (Design, Programming)
HoneySoft (Publisher)

“Halloween Harry”, according to creator John Passfield’s blog, was ‘inspired by “Ghostbusters”‘. The game is set in the 21st century, and features Harry, a ghost hunter, facing off against all sorts of evil across 13 levels. Essentially, it is a platform shooter with some puzzle-solving elements, set on a single screen.

The game instructions, which appear on the start screen, state: ‘It is the 21st century and from this futuristic new world comes an exciting new hero: HALLOWEEN HARRY! As Halloween Harry, a fearless ghost-hunter, you have been assigned to destroy an evil witch who has taken over a 13-room building. You do this by collecting the magic item in each room, then escape through a mystical door. There are 12 items to collect, ranging from a broom in room 1 to a cauldron in room 12. When all the items are collected, you must confront the witch in the 13th room. The witch is protected by a magical barrier, so you must collect a padlock and a key (in any order) so that her defence is broken down… Once exposed, you may zap the witch with your trusty garlic-blaster laser gun, (which has 13 shots). 3 additional shots may be obtained by grabbing the bonus garlic. To make your task difficult, the witch has summoned up various ghosts and ghouls, as well as the dreaded dropjaws and zombie hands to destroy you! Don’t forget there’s a time limit. It can be extended by the magic hourglass that appears when time is low.’

Each level has a different name, which is related to the special item that you will find in that room:
Magic Broomstick Closet
Witches’ Hat Room
The Enchanted Chalice
Pumpkin-Pie Room
The Wizard’s Library
The Magic-Potion Pantry
The Room of Wax
Black Cat’s Cavern
The Crystal Ballroom
Grandfather’s Clockroom
Yoric’s Bedroom
The Witch’s Cauldron Room
The Bewitching Hour

Version information:

“Halloween Harry” was released on Honeysoft Arcade Games Vol 4 floppy.

The game is part of both the Microbee Software Preservation Project (MSPP) collection and the Microbee Beeboard.

The first “Halloween Harry” game was released in 1985 for the Microbee System. It was a Halloween-themed platform game with 13 screens. In 1993, another version of the “Halloween Harry” game was released as shareware, and in 1994, the game’s name was changed to “Alien Carnage”. In 1996, the sequel “Zombie Wars” was released for Windows. The 1993/4 version is a side-scrolling platform game written by SubZero Software and distributed by Apogee Software. The game features 256 colour VGA graphics and background music in MOD format.

“Halloween Harry” is composed of four episodes. The first episode was released as shareware, and the rest were distributed commercially.


Magic Broomstick Closet level

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