Fire-Brigade: The Battle for Kiev 1943

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Dave O’Conner (Design, Programming), Tony Oliver (Design, Programming), Ben Freasier (Design, Programming), Hugh Fisher (Design, Programming), Steve Adam (Design, Programming)
Panther Games (Developer, Publisher)

“Fire-Brigade: The Battle for Kiev 1943” is a strategy/historical battle, turn-based, tactical game. It is set in the 1943 conflict between the Soviet tank division and German elite Panzer Korps known as the ‘Fire Brigade’. You can play as the Soviets or as the Germans, and you can play against the AI or against another player over the network. The option to play over a network made the game innovative for its time.

“Fire-Brigade” won the Charles S. Roberts award for Best 20th Century Computer Game, in 1988. According to Panther Games, ‘Fire-Brigade” was a step-up from existing war games, being one of the first to take full advantage of the new graphical mouse-driven interfaces that 16 bit computers were making available’.

“Computer Gaming World” celebrated the game for its graphics, but nominated the real achievement of the game as being the “integration of the elements of combat and the function of the change of the chain of command” (Computer Gaming World, 1988 Issue 49, p.40)

References:; Computer Gaming World, 1988 Issue 49.

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“Fire-Brigade” was published by Mindscape in the USA and by Panther Games in the rest of the world.

A version of the game was made for the Apple IIGS, but was scrapped due to ‘hardware limitations’.

“Fire-Brigade: The Battle for Kiev 1943” is part of the Apple Collection held at Museum Victoria.


Screenshot, Macintosh

Screenshot, Macintosh

Screenshot, Macintosh

Screenshot, Macintosh

Screenshot, Macintosh

Title Screen, DOS

Screenshot, DOS

Screenshot - Briefing, DOS

Screenshot, DOS

Screenshot - Viewing tactical Map, DOS

Screenshot, Title Screen, Atari

Screenshot, Game Set-up, Atari

Screenshot, Scenario Start, Atari

Screenshot, Air Commitment, Atari

Screenshot, Delay of Withdrawal, Atari

Screenshot, Unit info, Atari

Screenshot, Night Time, Atari

Screenshot, Briefing, Atari

Screenshot, Strategic map, Atari

Box Art:

Box Art, Front, Macintosh

Box Art, Front, DOS

Box Art, Back, DOS

Disk, DOS

Box Art, Front, DOS 5.25"

Box Art, Back, DOS 5.25"

Disk, DOS 5.25"

Media Coverage:

Apple Developer Award, 1989

Computer Gaming World, 1988, Issue 49, pp. 40-41

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Fire-Brigade was published by Mindscape in the USA and by Panther Games in the rest of the world.
Platform/s: Amiga

Fire-Brigade: The Battle for Kiev 1943

Platform/s: DOS

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One thought on “Fire-Brigade: The Battle for Kiev 1943

  1. One of the best games that I have ever played. One felt as if you were really Von Manstein or Vatutin. It never played the same way twice. My favorite tactic was to withdraw all of my armor, concentrate it just west of Kiev, and hammer the 3rd Guards Tank Army. By stopping them in their tracks I was able to get a decisive victory very fast. A very, very fun game.

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