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Other Names:
Rebel Force, Computer Conflict
Release Year:
Roger Keating (Concept, Design)

“Conflict” is a strategy/battle simulation.

The description from the  original 1980 Keating Computer Services Manual:

“Conflict” is a company-level simulation of a battle between a modern combined arms force and a well equipped rebel force. It is designed to run on any Apple II Computer with at least 32k RAM, using APPLESOFT BASIC. Each turn represents about 15 minutes of real time. A hexagonal grid map, representing 500 metres per hex, is used to regulate movement and combat. A Terrain Effects Table summarises how the features on the map affect the movement and combat of the units. A Combat Results Table has been provided, to explain the combat system, although the computer automatically calculates and implements combat results as they occur.”

Conflict Manual courtesy Roger Keating

Version information:

One of Australia’s earliest commercial games, “Conflict” was originally distributed by Roger Keating as Keating Computer Services in Australia in 1980. It was picked up by Californian publishers and developers, Strategic Simulations Inc. (SSI). They released the game in 1980, in a package of two games entitled “Computer Conflict”. Keating’s “Conflict” was renamed “Rebel Force” for the publication. “Conflict” appears to be the first Australian designed game to have received international distribution. 

Box Art:

Conflict Manual Art

Gameplay videos:

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