“1986” is a challenging Donkey Kong clone. You have to attempt to get through the screens by climbing ladders in a maze, avoiding hazards and racing the clock.  Read More »


“Afos” is an arcade-style centipede game. It is a very funny game that looks like a clone of “TRON” or “Centipede”.  Read More »

Arnie’s America’s Cup Challenge

“Arnie’s America’s Cup Challenge”, the Official America’s Cup Sailing Simulation computer game, was developed for the Commodore 64/128 and the Amstrad. Being a simulation game, it offers you a chance to race the actual 24.3 mile course off the coast […]  Read More »

Asterix and the Magic Cauldron

“Asterix and the Magic Cauldron” is based on the characters and the world of the “Asterix” comic books. The aim of the game is to take Asterix and Obelix on a journey to collect all seven pieces of Getafix’s broken […]  Read More »


“Astro” is a quality arcade game that faithfully reproduces the (then) popular arcade game “Asteroids”. You have to avoid the asteroids & many other objects that are flying at you from all directions. The instructions are in the game, which […]  Read More »

Aussie Games

“Aussie Games” was made in response to the success of Epyx’s “Californian Games” (1987) and the popularity of the movie “Crocodile Dundee” (1986) in the United States. A compendium of different games, it includes a boomerang throw, a bellywack competition, […]  Read More »

Battlefront: Corps Level Command in World War II

“Battlefront: Corps Level Command in World War II” is a turn-based strategy/war simulation game. A recreation of the land battles of World War II, it offers the following scenarios: Crete (1941), Stalingrad (1942), Saipan (1944) and Bastogne (1944-5). It includes […]  Read More »

Bunyip Adventure

“Bunyip Adventure” is a conventional text adventure that is set in outback Australia. The top half of the screen displays your current static position. The bottom half logs dynamic events. The aim is to catch the Bunyip, a creature for […]  Read More »

Burglar Bill

“Burglar Bill” is a level-based “Jet Set Willy” style game,based on “Manic Miner”, for the Spectrum. Burglar Bill breaks into a haunted mansion that is filled with monsters and traps. You have to guide Burglar Bill through the mansion’s many […]  Read More »

Chilly Willy

“Chilly Willy” is a “Pengo” clone (“Pengo” is a Sega game about a penguin navigating a maze of ice cubes). John Passfield wrote “Chilly Willy” in 1984, for the Microbee system, while he was still in high school. Passfield was […]  Read More »

City Lander

“City Lander” is an arcade action game. To score points, you have to land the spacecraft in the underground city on landing pads. When 100 points are scored, you move to screen 2 and to greater challenges: now you have […]  Read More »


“Conflict” is a strategy/battle simulation. The description from the  original 1980 Keating Computer Services Manual: “Conflict” is a company-level simulation of a battle between a modern combined arms force and a well equipped rebel force. It is designed to run […]  Read More »

Demon Stalkers

“Demon Stalkers” is an action RPG / editor – construction set game. It is essentially a “Gauntlet” clone. You must travel through ninety-nine mazes before meeting the final demon. The game features different enemies as you progress through the mazes, with clues […]  Read More »

Dinky Kong

“Dinky Kong” is a “Donkey Kong” clone, written by Mark Sibly during his school days. It has 10 Levels, all in 3.5KB. Sibly did the cover artwork using Letraset, and his father got copies of the cover art printed, to […]  Read More »

Donut Dilemma

Nickolas Marentes describes “Donut Dilemma” as his best game for the TRS-80 Model 1. “Donut Dilemma” was inspired by the donut kiosk his family owned: “We had this donut making machine where you filled one end with dough mix and […]  Read More »

Emu Joust

“Emu Joust” is a clone of the Williams Arcade game, “Joust” (1982) . In “Joust”, a knight rides a flying ostrich, and attempts to collide with enemies to defeat them. For “Emu Joust”, the Australian flightless bird, the emu, jumps […]  Read More »

Fire King

“Fire King” is an action role-playing video game.  It was developed by Micro Forte and distributed by SSG in 1988 for the Commodore 64/128 and DOS. It was sequel to Micro Forte’s adventure game of the same style “Demon Stalkers: The Raid […]  Read More »

Fire-Brigade: The Battle for Kiev 1943

“Fire-Brigade: The Battle for Kiev 1943” is a strategy/historical battle, turn-based, tactical game. It is set in the 1943 conflict between the Soviet tank division and German elite Panzer Korps known as the ‘Fire Brigade’. You can play as the […]  Read More »


“Goldfields” is a simulation of a nineteenth century gold rush.  It is designed to give students a “feel” for the social history of the gold rushes. As a player, you are a recent, penniless arrival to Suze Port.  To succeed […]  Read More »

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