Steve Wang

About Steve Wang:
Worked on:
Arnie’s America’s Cup Challenge (Design, Programming), Demon Stalkers (Design, Programming)

Steve Wang met Micro Forté  co-founder John De Margheriti at High School where they had a shared interest in film, robotics and computing. Together they wrote games for the PDP and the Commodore Pet. Wang studied Computer Science of the University of NSW which he left to form Micro Forte with De Margheriti, Stephen Lewis and John Reidy in 1985. In the 1980s Wang  roles included designer, producer and lead programmer on Micro Forté ‘s games. When the studio took a break in 1989 to learn some more business acumen Wang honed his skills at IBM before returning to Micro Forté  for the 1994 rebirth. He would later co-found BigWorld PtyLtd with De Margheriti in 2008. BigWorld specialises in the creation of middleware engines for Massive Multiplayer Online games. Wang initially served as its Chief Operating Officer but was appointed CEO on its acquisition by and the departure of previous CEO, co-founder De Margheriti .

Games that Wang has worked on include: “Demon Stalkers” (1987), Electronic Arts, Inc.; “Fire King” (1989), SSG Strategic Studies Group Pty Ltd.; “The Official America’s Cup Sailing Simulation” (1986), U.S. Gold Ltd.




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