Philip Mitchell

Philip Mitchell joined Beam Software in 1982 encouraged by his friend Veronika Megler who had answered Alfred Milgrom’s advertisement for programming students posted at the University of Melbourne. Megler and Mitchell were two of Beams earliest employees and when they […]  Read More »

R Sharples

Nothing is known about the authors of Emu Joust.  The game was originally released by Mytek but when that company collapsed it was snapped up by Microbee. The game is a Joust clone.  Was it the work of a budding coders teaching […]  Read More »

Rodger McNab

In 1985, at the age of 13, Rodger McNab created an educational software package for Apple Computers, called “Sail the Endeavour”. This package was distributed internationally, and Apple gave Rodger a $3000 computer for his work. At school, Rodger was […]  Read More »

Rodney Smith

Rodney Smith was one of the group of developers for Art Software, who made games for the Amiga computer (along with Blair Zuppicich and Cameron Mckechnie). Mark Sibly joined them on “Sorceror’s Apprentice”. Despite both their games getting a commercial […]  Read More »

Roger Keating

Roger Keating is one of the two original founders of Strategic Studies Group (SSG). In 1979 Keating wrote and produced his first computer game called ‘Conflict’ for the Apple II. The game was picked up by the American strategy games […]  Read More »

Ron Harris

Ron Harris was a Brisbane-based engineer.  According to Vaughan Clarkson, he worked shift work on ABC TV transmission.  Outside the hours of his ABC roster, he apparently ran (?) Microbee’s national publishing arm, Honeysoft.  Clarkson recalls going to his house: […]  Read More »

Rosanne Gare

Rosanne Gare was appointed to set up the software division within Jacaranda Wiley, in Brisbane.  It was intended more to explore the waters than to make money, though to everyone’s surprise the new department ran in the black from year […]  Read More »

Ross Symons

CEO of Big Ant Studios Melbourne, Ross Symons began his games design career in the late 1970s. When he first started to design games he did not actually have access to a computer so he filled notebooks with code that […]  Read More »

Ross Williams

Ross Williams was part of a small Western Australian company that designed software for the Exidy Sorcerer. After developing Grotnik Wars for the Sorcerer, Williams later ported Grotnik Wars to the Microbee, and started his own company, notably named Grotnik […]  Read More »

Russel Comte

This profile is yet to be completed. Contribute what you know and help to complete the Archive.  Read More »

Stephen Coupe

Stephen Coupe started developing computer games in BASIC at the age of 13. He describes himself as having been a ‘teenage computer geek’, whose hobby was programming. He learned how to program in BASIC and Machine Code from reading Sega […]  Read More »

Stephen Lewis

 Stephen Lewis studied Computer Science at the University of New South Wales. He was one of the four founders of Micro Forté in 1985 with John De Margheriti, Steve Wang and John Reidy. Lewis was originally the artist/programmer on the […]  Read More »

Steve Fawkner

Steve Fawkner began distributing his own games in the 1980s at games conventions such as Arcanacon and Fanasticon. In 1983 he packaged up the text adventure “Quest for the Holy Grail” in little sandwich bags and gave them away at […]  Read More »

Steve Luckett

After leaving school, Steve Luckett worked at the Gold Coast Council as a mail clerk.  When they bought their first computer (a Honeywell 115), Luckett got the job as the operator and “learnt how to drive this thing by driving […]  Read More »

Steve Wang

Steve Wang met Micro Forté  co-founder John De Margheriti at High School where they had a shared interest in film, robotics and computing. Together they wrote games for the PDP and the Commodore Pet. Wang studied Computer Science of the University […]  Read More »

Stuart Richie

In 1982 Stuart Richie was student at the University of Melbourne doing a dual degree in linguistics and computer science. He was hired by Alfred Milgrom to consult on the design of the parser for The Hobbit. Veronika Megler whilst […]  Read More »

Tim Hartnell

Tim Hartnell an Australian journalist became internationally renowned in the 1980s for his popular books on microcomputing. After working as rural TV newsreader in WA and at the correspondent department for the Victoria Police, Hartnell moved to London in 1979 […]  Read More »

Trevor K Jacob

Author of Goldfields, an education game. Also author of the education books. In the beginning: A perspective on traditional Aboriginal societies(1991) and co-author of Southland: The Maritime Exploration of Australia, Volumes 1-2 (1987) – both published by the Ministry of […]  Read More »

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