Greg Holland

Greg Holland studied art at Bendigo College and went on to study at the Victorian College of Arts in Melbourne. He trained as a traditional artist in printing and painting. Upon graduating, Holland got a job at Beam Software in […]  Read More »

Gregg Barnett

Gregg Barnett was studying computer science at The University of Melbourne, when he answered an advertisement in “The Age” newspaper for a programmer. He had (and still has) a passion for programming and film. He saw designing electronic games as […]  Read More »

Gregor Whiley

Gregor Whiley joined SSG in 1986. Diplomatic and skilled at managing teams Whiley went on to produce the majority of SSG’s games. Whilst working in design and games development he also brought to SSG his much valued marketing skills. On […]  Read More »

Harvey Kong Tin

Harvey Kong Tin became interested in computers in the early 1980s after he saw the “Star Trek” game running on a computer at a local university. He later lived in Northern England where he bought an Atari 800. He enjoyed […]  Read More »

Ian Boswell

Ian Boswell graduated from Auckland University in New Zealand, where he graduated with a Master of  Computer Science and a MA in Music. During this time he met Martin Buis and both worked on The Dark Heart of Uukrul (1989) […]  Read More »

Ian Trout

Ian Trout co-founded Strategic Studies Group in 1983 with Roger Keating. Trout a keen wargamer and military history dilettante was the proprietor of Napoleon Military Bookshop renowned for its fine selection of board games and role playing games. It was […]  Read More »

John De Margheriti

John De Margheriti has been a significant contributor to the Australian games development industry both as a games developer and in fostering the local industry. He co-founded Micro Forté studios in 1985. Their first game “Arnies America’s Cup Challenge” or […]  Read More »

John Passfield

In the early 1980s, the  school boy John Passfield had an epiphany at the Lismore Country Show.  Amongst the livestock displays there was a little computer expo with a CP/M computer (or possibly a Commodore Pet) on display.  Here Passfield […]  Read More »

John Perry

John Perry was a teenager when he learned to program games. His game programming was inspired by games that he played at the time. His games were published by Grandstand, and included “Harbour” and “City Lander”. He found game programming […]  Read More »

John Reidy

John Reidy studied Computer Science at the University of New South Wales.  He was one of the four founders of Micro Forté in 1985 as they launched their studio to create “Arnies America’s Cup Challenge” for the Commodore 64 and […]  Read More »

Mark Sibly

Mark Sibly started writing games when he was at school in New Zealand in the mid-1980s.  He attended Selwyn College in Auckland and made extensive use of the school’s computers: even before he was at high school, his older brother […]  Read More »

Martin Buis

Martin Buis graduated from Auckland University in New Zealand, where he graduated with Master of  Computer Science and a MA in Music. During this time he met Ian Boswell and both worked on The Dark Heart of Uukrul (1989) which was […]  Read More »

Matthew Hall

Matthew Hall is game developer who has been dreaming about games since… forever. He started programming games at the age of seven, and his game designs from the 1980s were produced before he turned fourteen. Hall designed for the Commodore […]  Read More »

Michael Boyd

Michael Boyd was a teenager when he wrote his games for the Sega SC-3000. Between 1985 and 1987 he created games including “Burglar Bill”, “Burglar Bill II”, “Caverns of Karanor” and “Sir Roderick’s Quest”. Boyd worked alone to design his […]  Read More »

Neil Brennan

Neil Brennan joined Beam Software in 1983, as a sound designer and composer. He confesses that he was not a gamer, but he knew some people who were working at Beam Software, who suggested that he should apply. For his […]  Read More »

Nickolas Marentes

Nickolas Marentes began programming his TRS80 Model 1 as a schoolboy in 1980, following time spent after school with a display model in the local Radio Shack/Tandy store in 1979. Having the desire to create commercial grade games he set […]  Read More »

Pat Keenan

Pat Keenan was the maths and computer teacher at Katikati College, near Tauranga, where Rodger McNab was a student and worked on “Sail the Endeavour”.  One article says that Keenan designed the programs students at the College coded.  He also […]  Read More »

Paul Holland

Paul Holland has provided services to all sectors in senior and executive management, career mentoring and in the use of social and interactive technologies to improve workplace performance and knowledge and information management. At AIM he is an Institute Fellow, […]  Read More »

Paul Kidd

Paul Kidd joined Beam Software in 1986. A keen wargamer, role player and science fiction fan Kidd had a degree in Literature and History from La Trobe University. Milgrom confident in Beam’s programming talent saw the potential to grow the […]  Read More »

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