Matthew Hall

About Matthew Hall:
Worked on:
Jewels of Sancara Island (Design, Programming)

Matthew Hall is game developer who has been dreaming about games since… forever. He started programming games at the age of seven, and his game designs from the 1980s were produced before he turned fourteen. Hall designed for the Commodore 64, but his magnum opus, “The Jewels of Sancara Island”, was created in class at Edenhope High School, on the school’s Microbee. Hall later went on to be employed at Australian developers Tantalus Interactive and Big Ant Studios. His varied career includes positions as Programmer, Designer, Artist, Associate Producer, Producer and Chief Technical Officer.

In 2009, Hall established KlickTockPtyLtd, an independent game development company, originally located on a sheep farm in rural Australia. KlickTock was officially founded in July 2009, but “Little Things” was developed over a year, beginning in the middle of 2008. Casual games had started to appear on the scene in a big way, and Hall had found himself playing and enjoying quite a lot of them in his spare time. Realising that the age of the bedroom developer was dawning again, he took the opportunity to realise a lifelong dream of building and selling a game entirely by himself, just as his heroes from the age of the Commodore 64 had done. KlickTock has had three #1 games on the App Store out of five, and their games have had over 10 million downloads worldwide.


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