Mark Sibly

About Mark Sibly:
Worked on:
Dinky Kong (Programming), Sorceror’s Apprentice (Programming)

Mark Sibly started writing games when he was at school in New Zealand in the mid-1980s.  He attended Selwyn College in Auckland and made extensive use of the school’s computers: even before he was at high school, his older brother would bring an Apple computer home from school some weekends.  He wrote and self-published “Dinky Kong” (for Vic-20) and “Star Warp” whilst at school.  Later, he was involved with Amiga computers and worked with members of Art Software on “Sorceror’s Apprentice”.  Sibly developed several games with Simon Armstrong in the 1990s, published by Acid.  He is probably best known for his work on the Blitz range of game making software.  Recently he has developed a high-level games programming language, Monkey, which allows the creation of apps on a range of platforms.

Other games developed:

Leapin Louie (1985), Tomb of Tarrabash (1985), Zeron, Star Warp.

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