Andrew Davie

About Andrew Davie:
Worked on:
Asterix and the Magic Cauldron (Design, Programming), QB (Design, Graphics, Programming)

Andrew Davie always loved electronic games and computer programming. He first remembers getting ‘into’ programming around 1977, when he was in grade 7. Davie was passionate about arcade games from the late 1970s. School gave him his first real taste of programming and he taught himself how to write games. He followed this by writing a game on his 31-step Sharp programmable calculator.

Davie enrolled into university at 16, in a pure math course, which he left prior to completion for a job at the CSIRO, as a technical assistant and programmer. In 1984, his boss at CSIRO, knowing Davie’s home programming hobby, brought in a job advertisement from The Australian. Davie sent off a copy of a game he had designed called QB, and was immediately offered the job. He designed systems and tools, and worked with graphics, creating games such as Mugsy’s Revenge and Rock n’ Rumble.

Davie stayed at Beam until 1994, when he joined SEGA Australia, New Developments. By 2000, Davie had completed a computing degree with double majors in Systems Development and Multimedia Technology, and had moved to Tasmania, where he left professional games development. He now works for CSIRO again, but he still designs games for the Atari 2600 for fun.

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