Adam Lancman

About Adam Lancman:

Before joining Beam Software in 1982 as their financial director Adam Lancman was working as an auditor in a big accounting company. Lancman had a passion for computer games and his enthusiasm for them was legendary in the office. He quickly became more involved in the business and management of Beam, becoming a shareholder, a director and later CEO. Alfred Milgrom saw Lancman as providing a much needed extra depth to Beams management team. After the sale of the publishing company Melbourne House in 1987 Lancman travelled a lot internationally to meet with industry and became well known as the business face of Beam Software. (And later the face of Melbourne House when  in 1997 the business reacquired the name.)

A popular and forceful spokesperson for the Australian games development industry, in 1999 he was appointed the inaugural president of the Game Developers Association of Australia. In this role Lancman negotiated with the Australian government, educating them on the importance of games as a creative industry, their worth to the economy and Australia’s digital future. He worked with GDAA founder John De Margheriti on bring the local industry together to support each other and have a more powerful and unified voice. He was a respected ambassador to the international games industry tirelessly trying  to build a strong and sustainable Australian industry in the notoriously volatile business of games. Adam Lancman passed away in 2005. A sad loss for the local industry he loved and worked so hard for. He is fondly remembered by those who had the pleasure of working with him.



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