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Adam Lancman

Before joining Beam Software in 1982 as their financial director Adam Lancman was working as an auditor in a big accounting company. Lancman had a passion for computer games and his enthusiasm for them was legendary in the office. He […]  Read More »

Alfred Milgrom

Alfred Milgrom  co-founded Melbourne House publishing and Beam Software games development studio. Milgrom completed undergraduate science and then post-graduate studies in physical chemistry, at The University of Melbourne. It was there that he discovered an interest in computer programming, accessing […]  Read More »

Andrew Davie

Andrew Davie always loved electronic games and computer programming. He first remembers getting ‘into’ programming around 1977, when he was in grade 7. Davie was passionate about arcade games from the late 1970s. School gave him his first real taste […]  Read More »

Andrew Pavlumanolakos

Best remembered for his Pavloada fast loader for speedy cassette loads that  even allowed for sound and animations to play during the tape loading Pavlumanolakos joined Beam in 1984 as a programmer. The first Pavloada was created overnight by Pavlumanolakos […]  Read More »

Bruce Bayley

Bruce Bayley studied computer science at RMIT. He worked at Beam Software on games such as The Way of the Exploding Fist(1985)  and Rock’n Wrestle(1985).  This profile is yet to be completed. Contribute what you know and help to complete the […]  Read More »

Bruce Mitchell

Bruce Mitchell had been an unhappy Vice-Principal in a primary school in Victoria when he submitted a simple project to Jacaranda Software for possible publication.  Roseanne Gare liked it and they started corresponding.  When Gare resigned from Jacaranda, she suggested […]  Read More »

Darryl Reynolds

Melbourne based Darryl Reynolds is best known for his graphic text adventures in particular “The Search for King Solomon’s Mine” and “The Secret of Bastow Manor”. From his home the self-taught programmer ran a small but profitable cottage industry throughout […]  Read More »

Dave O’Conner

Dave O’Connor has been designing wargames since 1985, with his design credits including “Trial of Strength”, “Fire-Brigade”, “Airborne Assault: Highway to the Reich” and “Airborne Assault: Conquest of the Agean”. Panther Games was founded in 1985 by David O’Connor in […]  Read More »

David L Smith

Roseanne Gare recruited David Smith as one of several programmers with educational backgrounds to develop software titles for Jacaranda.  At the time, he was the (first ever) Director of Computing at Melbourne Grammar School, where he installed one of Australia’s […]  Read More »

Doug Palmer

Doug Palmer joined Beam Software as a programmer and analyst in 1985 after completing a Physics degree at the University of Melbourne. Palmer first worked on the implementation of The Lord of Rings He also worked on Judge Dredd and […]  Read More »

Greg Holland

Greg Holland studied art at Bendigo College and went on to study at the Victorian College of Arts in Melbourne. He trained as a traditional artist in printing and painting. Upon graduating, Holland got a job at Beam Software in […]  Read More »

Gregg Barnett

Gregg Barnett was studying computer science at The University of Melbourne, when he answered an advertisement in “The Age” newspaper for a programmer. He had (and still has) a passion for programming and film. He saw designing electronic games as […]  Read More »

Gregor Whiley

Gregor Whiley joined SSG in 1986. Diplomatic and skilled at managing teams Whiley went on to produce the majority of SSG’s games. Whilst working in design and games development he also brought to SSG his much valued marketing skills. On […]  Read More »

Ian Trout

Ian Trout co-founded Strategic Studies Group in 1983 with Roger Keating. Trout a keen wargamer and military history dilettante was the proprietor of Napoleon Military Bookshop renowned for its fine selection of board games and role playing games. It was […]  Read More »

John De Margheriti

John De Margheriti has been a significant contributor to the Australian games development industry both as a games developer and in fostering the local industry. He co-founded Micro Forté studios in 1985. Their first game “Arnies America’s Cup Challenge” or […]  Read More »

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