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U.S Gold was a United Kingdom-based software company which published American games in the United Kingdom, often converting them to platforms that were popular in that country.  Founded in 1984 by Geoff and Anne Brown, U.S. Gold acquired popular American game titles for consoles such as the Atari and had them converted by British developers Ocean Software to platforms such as the Spectrum, Amstrad and BBC Micro.

U.S. Gold was a dominant UK publisher in the late 1980s, winning the Computer and Video Games Golden Joystick Award for Best Software House in 1988.  Some of their 1980s licensed titles included SSI & TSR “Dungeons and Dragons” games, Sierra On-Lines’s Disney games and Muppet productions licensed games.  In the 1990s they briefly had a deal with Lucas Arts.  The Brown’s other company, Centresoft, focused on the import of Commodore 64 software from America.

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