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Pieces of Eight (Developer)

Like most other state Education Departments in the 1980s, the Queensland Department of Education had a software development unit.  This unit employed the individuals who created the game “Pieces of Eight”.

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  1. Yes I do. I am the author and designer of this adventure game/software title. From 1985 to 1995 I managed the Department’s Software Development Unit within Production and Publishing Services.

    Pieces of Eight was very successful and was used nationally and internationally. It won the ASET Gold Award in 1986.

    I’m pleased to say I’ve met quite a few people from the games industry whose interest was first sparked by Po8. many others who just played it a school of course and have fond memories of it.

    The original map shown here is tiny. Drawn with Rotring pen and coloured in pencil it measures 95mm by 75mm. The room logic and storyline all fell out of this map which I drew in about an hour in August 1985.

    Its success really started a long career for me in the private and public sector in technology and education.

    There is a Facebook group for Pieces of Eight at https://www.facebook.com/groups/59925538788/

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