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Keating Computer Software was Roger Keating‘s brand for self publishing his game “Conflict” (1980) into the local market.  Previously Keating had been writing games and giving them away through the Apple User Group.  When one of his students made the case to him that his games were worthy of commercial publishing, Keating published “Conflict” under the title Keating Software.  He did not really have any understanding of how to publish a game and recalls selling about fifty copies and sending about twelve copies to America to be reviewed by various magazines and computer companies in the wargames area, including Strategic Simulations, Inc. (SSI).  SSI had launched in 1979 with their game “computer Bismark” setting the benchmark for the genre as a computer simulation.  SSI thought the game was good enough to published if it was bundled with another game.  They re named it “Rebel Force” and packaged with a game called  “Red Attack” they were sold as “Computer Conflict” (1980).  Keating published six more games with SSI, three before co-founding  the developer and publisher, Strategic Studies Group in 1982, and three after.

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