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Honeysoft was the Publishing division of Applied Technology/Microbee Systems and known as Honeysoft Publishing Company, Waitara, N.S.W.  They issued all manuals and software for the Microbee. This was the original office that Applied Technology started from until Applied Technology moved to […]  Read More »

Keating Computer Services

Keating Computer Software was Roger Keating‘s brand for self publishing his game “Conflict” (1980) into the local market.  Previously Keating had been writing games and giving them away through the Apple User Group.  When one of his students made the […]  Read More »

Strategic Studies Group Pty Ltd (SSG)

Strategic Studies Group (SSG) was founded in New South Wales in 1982 by wargame specialists Roger Keating and Ian Trout.  Keating had previously published seven computer games with American publisher Strategic Simulations Inc (SSI) before teaming up with Trout, the […]  Read More »

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