This is a demonstration of automatic translation of a game coded in BASIC to HTML5 and JavaScript.
This work was was carried out by Craig Harrington until his sudden death (7 October 2014) and some final touches were made by Demi Gao.

This page uses HTML5 and has been tested on the latest versions of Firefox and Chrome as at 16 December 2015.
Restart the game by reloading the page (F5 or CTRL + R). Enlarge the display by zooming in.

Grand Prix

Vic Innovative Computing, Clifford Ramshaw, Melbourne House Publishers 1982

To Play

Speed and skill are essential to compete in this race!
Your aim is to race around the track with death-defying speed - 5 laps in the shortest time possible.
W moves your car up, A moves your car left, D moves your car right, X moves your car down.
Beware of oil spills and wet patches - if you skid it could mean disaster!
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